Luxurious Hang Tag Details
November 28, 2022

Luxurious Hang Tag Details

Luxurious Hang Tag Details

Hang tags for clothing and products make a great first impression and are essential for solidifying your brand! Grab your customer’s attention and give important information about your brand identity and products. 

In addition to inside and outside clothing labels, paper hang tags can make a lasting impression, so your hang tag should be anything but plain and simple! Let us introduce our specialty printing and details you can add to your tags. We’d love to help you set your brand apart from the rest!



  • We love a subtle, tonal look! A deboss/emboss brings a 3D element to your tags.

  • Deboss is a recessed image pressed into the cardstock. An Emboss is a raised image, which is pressed from the back of the tag. The feel of your design is just as important as the artwork itself!




  • Grommets (also called eyelets) are chic, metal or paper rings that cover the drillhole of your tag. Grommets are small but make a noticeable difference.  Painted grommets will bring a pop of color to your design!

  • Metal grommets will reinforce the drillhole—especially useful for non-paper hang tags.


Gloss print

  • Our gloss print is clear gloss, and often layers over artwork to highlight certain areas of your design. Gloss print can be a stand-alone print too!  A high shine gloss over a matte cardstock or matte varnish will create visual contrast when reflecting in the light. This can provide an understated elegance to your design.


Foil print

  • A shiny foil is recognized as a high-end, sophisticated print. The gleaming foil will catch your customer’s eye and enhance an ordinary design into a luxurious, striking tag.
  • Specialty prints add life to your artwork and enhance the artistic value of your hang tag.


Layering tags

  • We can string tags together with no additional cost!

  • Secondary tags will provide more room and opportunity to describe your brand identity, or product information.

  • Pairing cardstock tags with different materials is a great textural, in-person experience for your customers– rice paper, plastic, lighter weight cardstock, PVC, button envelopes.



Hang tags add value to your products on display in a sophisticated, professional way. Cruz Label can help bring your brand message to life by creating professionally customized Hang Tags for all companies, starting from small start-ups to large corporations. Send us an email at to receive a custom hang tag quote!

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