What are the Different Types of Woven Labels?
October 31, 2022

What are the Different Types of Woven Labels?

One of our most popular clothing label requests are woven labels. Done by jacquard weave as either damask, satin, or taffeta, woven labels allow our customers to create high quality designs on a low price and quick turnaround. 

What is density and denier?

Label density is how tightly the threads are woven together. The higher the density, the more solid the artwork appears. Low density labels have more visible spacing, which can create an effect of spotting in broad areas and breaks in the artwork. The denier is the thickness of the thread itself. The lower the denier, the finer the thread, and the smaller the details it can achieve. We offer our highest quality 50 denier as our standard, but we also offer 100 denier for customers looking for a lower definition look.

Damask Woven

Damask woven label is made with a matte polyester material that’s versatile for a wide variety of styles and applications. As our highest density woven material, 50 denier (high definition) damask can achieve detailed, robust graphics in a full range of colors. With hundreds of hues available in our threads, we prefer to color match using the Pantone formula guide for the most accurate reference.

We also offer specialty lurex thread for labels that need a little more glamor. These thick, sparkly threads are best used for accentuating details or text logos. Lurex can be used with satin and taffeta.

Satin Woven

Ever seen those labels on party dresses, men's suits, or lingerie? Satin woven label is made with a shiny polyester with a smooth face that’s comfortable against the skin. Woven satin labels are popular choices for high end and relaxing apparel for its longevity, comfort, and quality appearance. Satin is a lower density than damask, so it is best used with simple artwork. Also due to its low density, the background color can only be done in pure black, or in very light, pastel colors. It's also great for clothing designers who want to showcase vintage looks or create a label that is has a more subdued color scheme. With satin woven labels, please note that the structure of the weaving material is more visible than damask. 

Taffeta Woven

Taffeta label is a rough, low density polyester label. Its rustic, somewhat see-through appearance is a best match for vintage products, outdoor apparel, or footwear. Due to its harsher thread texture, taffeta isn’t recommended for labels on the inside of garments which will be against the skin as many people find them scratchy and uncomfortable. However, taffeta is a really cool label that allows designers to create old-fashion style labels. The weaving structure is very visible. This type of label is kind of a by-gone era label but Cruz Label still makes them for those who want a specific look for their products. 


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