Woven vs Printed Labels.  What will work best for my artwork?
January 18, 2023

Woven vs Printed Labels. What will work best for my artwork?

Woven vs Printed Labels.  What will work best for my artwork?

Cruz Label specializes in woven labels!  The woven label is the most common and versatile way of branding your products and clothing.  Our damask threads are available in hundreds of color options to best match your brand identity.  Although woven labels are our most popular label choice, sometimes printing is necessary to achieve your artistic vision. Printed labels are ideal for precision printing, artwork with gradients, and small text information. Can you tell which one is printed and woven in the example below? Our woven tags have such high detail that it's sometimes hard to tell!


Design intricacy

  • Your design may have tiny, intricate details that are important to your branding and overall aesthetic. QR codes are popularly used to give customers more information on your brand and products.  In these cases, a printed label will be the best option for you!  We print the exact vector file onto the label material for an ideal result.

  • Our expert digitizers transform your digital artwork file into a soft woven design. Woven designs can be very detailed but are less exact as printing.  We offer free woven label sampling with every order to ensure your woven design is approved before production!

Color Limitations

  • Woven labels can have 8 colors or less because the loom uses individual thread colors to weave your design into the physical label. Simple illustrations with block colors are ideal for woven labels. 

  • If you’re working with photographs, gradients, or images with more than 8 colors, printing can help achieve your vision!



  • Some products have an extensive list of washing & care information. Woven labels have a minimum text size requirement.  It can be difficult to squeeze an extensive amount of information onto a singular woven label, so printing care labels is an easy solution!

  • Weaving multiple colors can create a bulky label. Printing can be done on a variety of materials that are smooth, thin, and light for products that may be delicate.  These are soft for baby clothes, scarves, and accessories.  Printing onto a flat surface will make a less bulky tag.

Label design, size, and colors can all factor into your choice between a woven or printed label.  Get a free sample pack to review our materials in person and make an informed decision!


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