Custom Hang Tags


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Custom paper hang tags can be customized in various ways. We have various thickness of paper, finishes, and custom die cut option. You can add foil print, emboss/deboss branding, gloss print, and much more! Branding is essential and if you want your product to stand out, why not add grommets, strings, and pins that express the style of your brand. We also have craft, distressed look, heavy cardboard stock, recycled paper etc. 

Eco-friendly recycled paper and unbleached craft paper are also popular choices. Our factory recycles all paper scraps so they can be used in other products. 

What to Consider

Paper Weight/Thickness - Our minimum is 18pt which is similar to a regular business card thickness

Print - Do you need print only one side or both sides? Letters and logos can be embossed, debossed and/or foil printed to achieve a stylistic and design-conscious look. This textural element can add class and artistic value to your hang tag.

Die Cut - Instead of just a rectangle, do you need a special shape? Die cut shapes are completely customizable and can accommodate even the most intricate designs. Die cut shapes add uniqueness and personality to your brand.

Strings - String or ribbon attachment enhances the look of your hang tags. The material, length, width, and color of the strings are all customized to your preferences.

Attachments - Hang tags look better with a grommet or eyelet. We have a wide selection of metal and paper eyelets that can fit your stylistic needs. Other attachments such as safety pins are available silver, gold, and black. Custom colors may be available.

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