Custom Heat Transfer Labels


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Heat transfer labels are perfect for inner garments, swimsuits, and active wear. These tagless labels can also be used on the outer garment for branding. We strongly recommend that you order our free sample pack and try our general heat transfer labels on your fabric to make sure your garment is suitable for heat transfer labels. 

Our tag-less tags are made with flexographic ink and are Pantone color matched. You can print up to four colors for heat transfer labels on simple designs. We can also source full-color heat transfer printing- ask a sales rep for more information. For more three dimensionality, try our Silicone or PVC heat transfers or reflective heat transfers that are suited for active wear. For more unique expressions, try our metallic or iridescent type. 

The heat transfers are very high quality and stand up through dozens of washes without fading or chipping away. 

What is the difference between a hot peel and cold peel?

There is no quality difference; only difference is in the method of application.

Hot peels can be peeled off while still hot while cold peel needs to be cooled off before peeling off the velum. Please consult your manufacturer for details.

Heat Transfer Application Instruction.


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