Custom PVC and Silicone Label


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Custom PVC or Silicone patches can be sewn on to labels with a sewing channel. With each order, we need to create a 3D mold specific to your logo requirements. 

Mold charges depend on the size of your label and it typically starts at $150. The mold charge is for the service of making the mold into 3D CAD graphics and not the actual physical mold itself.

Molds are held for 12 months since your last order. As molds are recycled after 12 months, re-orders placed after 12 months incur another mold fee.

The following are some key differences between PVC and Silicone labels:

  • Silicone is produced with more environment-friendly chemicals than PVC. 
  • Silicone has more elasticity and flexibility than PVC. PVC can be harder than Silicone.
  • Silicone is more expensive than PVC.
  • Silicone patches are more heat and cold resistant than PVC and more durable long term.
  • Silicone is more tolerant of ultraviolet light and ozone, thus better if your label will be used in outdoor products.

At Cruz Label, we try to be conscious about the environmental impact of plastics and highly recommend Silicone over PVC patches.

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