Top 7 Labels of 2022
February 03, 2023

Top 7 Labels of 2022

2022 has wrapped, and we’ve created so many beautiful labels for our customers!  It’s impossible to pick a favorite but read on to see some of the most unique patches we've made in the past year.  We have a variety of examples in this batch ranging from wovenprinted labels to patches and metal badges.  They’re sure to give you some inspiration and will entice your creative side!


  • This label, called “Carmelita Chorizo”, is an embroidered patch. We love this patch’s unique combination of fluffy chenille and standard embroidery.  Chenille embroidery can be difficult to control, so the standard embroidery is the perfect way to outline a detailed image!  The patch beautifully captures the digital artwork’s whimsey, bright colors, and fine detail.  Carmelita Chorizo has a heat seal backing meant for iron on / heat press application.



  • Next up, we have a printed label made by Kula Cloth named “Creepy Victorian Cat” (very fitting). The label is made with a full color, CMYK print for a jaw dropping, photorealistic result.  Apart from having an adorable image, the label is made from a natural cotton twill for a soft and durable tag.  Check out more from Kula Cloth on their website, or on Instagram @kulacloth.



  • Metal zipper pulls are a wonderful way to level up your product! This custom zipper pull is made by Steel Town Records Inc.  The unique shape is fully customizable using a die cast mold.  We love the negative space around the letters.  Metal products come in a variety of finishes, but we think the shiny silver gives this zipper pull a pop that draws the eye.

  • The brand Nice as Heck made their logo in a PU faux leather patch. PU faux leather is a solid alternative to genuine leather that mimics the texture.  You can hardly tell the difference!  The natural waves and structure to this patch are so lovely and has an added print inside.  The logo is debossed into the PU faux leather, and a color print is lined up to give the design extra dimension.

  • Our cardstock can be used for more than just hang tags, and that is present in Nice As Heck’s bottle insert tag! This is such a unique idea, and the print is perfectly detailed and crisp.  The cardstock is die cut into a custom bottle shape that will fit into their product.  Check out what Nice As Heck has to offer on their website or on Instagram @niceasheck.

  • We love the layered hang tag look, especially when different paper materials are combined. 32 Spirits layers a semi-transparent vellum with our standard cardstock.  We love how you can see the beautiful print through the vellum material!  Layered hangtags allow brands to provide additional information on their company or product.  32 Spirits' hang tag has a smooth matte varnish to protect the detailed print and added an antique brass pear pin.  32 Spirits’ website is pending, but we’re excited to see their work in the future!

  • This show-stopping patch is for the brand Paisa Boys! This is a 50 denier woven patch, which is the same material used to make our damask woven labels.  50 denier patches use a high density (finer thread) to accurately weave the design.  An overlocking stitch lines the boarder to give it a patch-like feel and has an added iron-on backing.  Check them out on Instagram @paisaboys.


    Check out our previous blog posts to learn more about the differences between woven and printed labels and specialty details we can add to hang tags!